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animepunk's Journal

Devon Ligotti
6 October
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New Bio coming soon :)
alice in wonderland, alucard, american mcgees alice, anime, b movies, baggy pants, balzac, bam, billy idol, black and purple, bloodrayne, bloody roar, blue hair, bob, cannibal!the musical, chinese food, cky, clothes, concerts, corsets, cover songs, crystal pistol, dance dance revolution, dante, dave navarro, devil may cry, die happy, disturbed, dj baby anne, drawing, dreadfalls, dreads, driving, extensions, fake hair, fanart, faux fur, filming, finger eleven, from zero, fur, fur pants, glam rock, glitter, glowsticks, gnar kill, good charlotte, gravity kills, green with purple, guitars, h.i.m, happy 2b hardcore, heavy metal, hellsing, horror, house of the dead, hugs, ichi the killer, jackass, janes addiction, japan, japanese culture, jeff hardy, kill bill, kill hannah, kisses, lars, liam lynch, lip service, listening, love, mini burritos, money, music, my first mister, naps, nine inch nails, nirvana, noir leather, not feeding phil, owls, ozzy, p.o.d, peace, pictures, pigtails, pitchshifter, playstation 2, powerman 5000, proffesional murder music, punk music, ra, raab, rake yohn, rob zombie, scratching post, shooting games, sinisstar, skunks, sleeping, sparkles, spike 1000, spinning, stabbing westward, stars, static x, stds, steve-o, stone temple piolets, synthetics, tattoos, team america, techno, teh sex, tekken, the distillers, the dreaming, the horrorpops, the internet, the vandals, the word fuck, trance, underwear, union underground, unreal tournament, velvet, video games, ville valo, whatevah, white zombie, wonderful days, wwe, zombies