Devon Ligotti (animepunk) wrote,
Devon Ligotti

Highs and lows was shit-tastic..but i did get a sweet new phone,can take pics and videos with it and such..but after playing with it a few hours im now bored by it and today went back to being crap. Im in a cold sweat right now,im thinking i just need to sleep but i dont want to right now at all.
I got a bunny "its" name is Ripley..i say "it" because until about a month from now or so i wont know what "it" is gender-wise, but "it" is adorable as pictured here:
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
I keep thinking about what im going to do with myself and i only end up frustrated and worried..i dont want to go to college..but what else am i going to do?..i need to honestly start preparing for the future or im going to be screwed in the long run. I need a job that makes decent money but i dont feel like listening to peoples bullshit in school for more then 2 miserable years. everything i look at only makes about 13 dollars an hour max..which just isnt enough when i plan to have little people to support one day.

i hate the thought of going back.i wish i could get into tattooing,because its the only thing i can truely see myself enjoying but it would never make the money i need. Id try to own my own business with the help of my parents..but i have nothing i know enough about to open up an entire store..and i dont wanna be a sponge off of my parents for my entire life.

So im left with the inevitable..what do i want to be when i grow up? i have no fucking clue. someone give me a hint?

..ah the MTV movie awards are on again right now,what a steaming pile of irritates me to no end how shitty the music industry has gotten..but then again when has MTV ever really been that reliable of a source for good music?

I watched a movie called "employee of the month" i highly recommend it..good stuff,one of the few things to cheer me up lately as ive just been feeling like a fat pile of shit. Dave from Kids in the Hall has a small part in it and its partly written by a producer from Strangers with candy which has to be my favorite TV show ever,very under-appreciated.

Im going with Sarah in November to see HIM,hopefully this time i can actually say hi after the show and snap a quick picture to remember it by it the opening act is Finch,blah..but i did like one of their songs for awhile....

just so this entry isnt completely pointless;
#1 Real Phone Call to Gary the Retard from Howard Stern Animated

#2 Unless your as retarded as i am you might not think this ones funny,but i sure as hell do
how if either of those cant cheer you up when your down,dammit i just dont know what can <3

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