Devon Ligotti (animepunk) wrote,
Devon Ligotti


meh random update..ive been trying forver to get the image caps off of my video camera..these are just a couple pics of me as a zombie when i worked on "Detroit Blood City" a local movie :) Dave got me into it,guy who works at blockbuster and come to think of it he hasnt called me in forever,Dave if you read this,call me! i hope i didnt mess anything up with my ohio trip :(.
Anyways heres the piccies:
Image hosted by

On another note i found a girl whos gonna make me a sweet shirt out of an Alien 3 shirt..i <3 alien and predator..too bad i couldnt find a good predator shirt to go with it..
anyways i still dont have my phone jack in yet thus the lack of any internet communication/updating..right now ive half assed rigging this up from liz's room which is most likely dricing her until i get my comp fixed,later! <3

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