April 24th, 2006


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Wow...been a long time since i updated..dont know if anyone will even see this. Ive been so busy with school,and moving and other things that livejournal has never really been anywhere near the top of my list..as of late i havent been feeling exctly the best..kinda a culmination of various things,but its hard to concentrate,i just cant seem to feel right.
On a brighter note,im in my new condo,living on my own..and though i know the bills are gonna be kinda tight..the feeling of satisfaction i get sometimes from sitting in my own living room and not worrying about anyone else dissaproving of what i like makes it worthwhile.Ill take some pics once i get some decorations in here...right now its pretty plain,except that i painted my room purple...hey,i like it lol.
Ive been itching to go out places...its been so long since ive gone anywhere with anyone..couple weeks ago i went to see dave attell:
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(i look all marshmallow-y in that pic...yuck)
but i was by myself..i waited in a huge line,and had to listen to some snobby girl on a couch next to me talk about me like i couldnt hear her..then when they sat me at a table,a couple was assigned seated next to me..and they tried to sit elsewhere...just made me feel pretty bad.

But like i said..i just want to go out,i go crazy sitting here all fucking day. Anyone wanna go to the motor city comicon? I know its dorky...and then desperate to ask on LJ..but i feel like i just dont talk to anyone anymore...gah..im sad and i need to go :(
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