June 24th, 2005


Ultra Unreal LAN party goodness

OK so if you know me in real life you mightve occasionally heard me whine about wanting to attend a LAN party,but there were always a few problems with that.But now ive found one thats ALL Unreal Tournament,and its in Ohio..which is pretty damn close..alot closer then the Million Man LAN atleast which is all the way in Kentucky.
Thier having competitions for prizes in the 5v5 CTF match,1v1 Deatmatch and 4v4 Team Deathmatch,and for a 40 dollar entry fee the prizes better be good! lol im pretty intent on going at this moment in time,even if its by myself but i would REALLY love a person or two to accompany me on this 1 to possibly 2..maybe even 3 day dork fest! >:D ...now that i think of that though..unless youd play some unreal i dont think itd be much fun...eh lol...
Heres the website:
eep...im exited!
1 person road trip! Wooooo!!!!!
thats kinda sad lol
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Proof i still draw..kinda

i finally took the time to ink and color a semi older pic of my two orignal would-be comic book characters and finally gave my zombie dude a name,Zoe :P so original huh??

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Anyways perhaps my series of art blocks will finally cease....and to shiin sorry i havent emailed you about trading with ya yet,i actually took a few stabs at your pic and havent liked what i was makin and then i got into a huge rut again,but expect an email from me soon because i think i may be cured! :) heh..random i know.
Anyways...thought id share..im kinda happy to have completed a pic after awhile of nothing..its not like a masterpeice or anything buts its the first colored pic of my two characters. :)
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